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2016 CAUS Awards

Faculty, staff, and students from the College of Architecture and Urban Studies gathered at the University Club on April 21 for the college’s annual awards ceremony.

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CAUS and University Awards

CAUS Certificate for Excellence in Teaching:
Ann-Marie Knoblauch

CAUS Certificate for Excellence in Outreach: 
Patrick Doan

CAUS Certificate for Creative Achievement: 
Akshay Sharma

CAUS Certificate for Career Achievement: 
Carol Burch-Brown

CAUS Diversity Recognition Award: 
Tanyel Bulbul

CAUS Certificate for Excellence in Scholarship: 
Brian M. Kleiner and Paul Emmons

CAUS Outstanding Administrative
& Professional/Staff Award: 
Tracey Drowne and Carolyn J. Harris

Elizabeth Roberson Staff Excellence Award: 
Tamela Gallimore

CAUS Lifetime Contribution Award: 
Jaan Holt

University Teaching Excellence: 
Joyce Rothschild

College Award for Outreach Excellence honored through Virginia Tech’s Office of Outreach and International Affairs: 
Annie Pearce

Outstanding Recent Alumni: 
Dustin Russell Akers

Outstanding Doctoral Student: 
Oluwateniola E. Ladipo

Outstanding Master’s Student Award: 
Michael J. Young

Outstanding Senior: 
Leigh A. Soistmann

Years of Service:


  • Lisa R. Cash
  • Annie R. Pearce
  • Georgeta V. Pourchot
  • Thomas W. Sanchez
  • Akshay Sharma
  • Lisa M. Tucker
  • Dane Webster


  • Marilyn D. Casto


  • Paul J. Kelsch
  • Diane L. Zahm


  • Elizabeth T. Gilboy


  • Yvan J. Beliveau


  • Dean R. Bork
  • David F. Crane


  • Robert J. Dunay

Graduating CAUS Ambassadors:

  • Bryauna Clark, Public and Urban Affairs
  • Amy Eliason, Landscape Architecture
  • Lauren Fabin, Interior Design and Studio Art
  • Alison Flanagan, Studio Art
  • Nathan Ong, Environmental Policy & Planning
  • Jessica Sanders, Interior Design
  • Shannon Standish, Architecture
  • Zachary Wolk, Architecture
  • Celeste Zabowski, Studio Art