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If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Marya Barlow, Communications Director


Logo lock-ups for each school and the college, as well as standard VT logos, are provided in a variety of formats and approved colors. Use stacked logos only on front pocket space of shirts where the horizontal design (your primary lockup) would be too wide.

A comprehensive set of guidelines for using the Virginia Tech logo can be found in the Virginia Tech Brand Center at https://vt.edu/brand.htmlBefore designing any materials using the VT logoplease consult the Brand Center to answer any questions regarding logo use, licensing, and trademarks. The list of licensed VT vendors who have our official logos and lockups are also listed in the Brand Center.


*Before using the new letterhead, be sure to download, unzip, and install the new fonts from the Virginia Tech Brand Center*

Windows: Unzip the downloaded fonts. Double click on one of the fonts to open a font preview. At the top left is a button that says “Install” with a shield next to it. Click the install button. Repeat these steps for each font that you have downloaded. There will be a .txt file in each unzipped folder. You do not need to open that file. You can use this link as a reference, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Typography/TrueTypeInstall.aspx.

Mac: Unzip the downloaded fonts. Select all of the font files. There will be a .txt file in each unzipped folder. You do not need to select that file. Double click or right click and select open to open the fonts. Click on the “Install Font” button to install all the fonts selected. Repeat these steps for each font that you have downloaded.

Once you have downloaded all the fonts, restart the application. Then you will be able to use the new fonts in the letterhead templates.


To order business cards with Printing Services, download and fill out the business card order form on the Printing Services website, https://www.printing.vt.edu/. All approved logos are on file with Printing Services.


Envelopes should be ordered through Printing Services. At this point, envelopes are being printed with the master brand logo (the main Virginia Tech logo, no lockups). The college or school and address will be printed next to the VT logo in plain text. Two color choices are available, depending on your budget (black, or maroon and orange).


The VT PowerPoint template slides are available here.


A comprehensive set of guidelines, downloadable materials, and FAQs related to use of the Virginia Tech logo can be found in the Virginia Tech Brand Center at http://vt.edu/brand-center. You can log in to the Brand Center using your VT employee PID. Please consult this site prior to using the Virginia Tech logo for any promotional/marketing purposes to ensure compliance with our trademark and licensing requirements.


Guidelines for all Virginia Tech social media accounts are located at https://vt.edu/brand/resources/social-media-guidelines.html. Colleges, schools, and departments are also highly encouraged to use the official Virginia Tech social media profile logos. Further information and support for school and unit social media managers can be found by joining this Virginia Tech Social Media Managers Group.


In order to comply with the Virginia Tech’s Trademark Licensing Policy; and to ensure consistency and compliance with a wide range of requirements associated with the manufacture and use of Virginia Tech’s trademarks, products bearing Virginia Tech’s trademarks may be purchased only from companies that are officially licensed by Virginia Tech to manufacture or distribute products bearing its trademarks (Virginia Tech licensees). These PDF files have complete lists of all Virginia Tech licensed vendors:

Additional information about licensing can be found here.