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Student Organizations

In addition to the more than 700 student organizations across the university, the College of Architecture and Urban Studies has numerous organizations specific to disciplines within our college.

American Institute of Architecture Students
Address: 201 Cowgill Hall 1355 Perry St. Blacksburg VA 24061
Members: 40-60
Statement: To promote excellence in architecture education, training and practice. To foster an appreciation for architecture. To enrich the community.
More information: http://archdesign.vt.edu/students/organizations

Construction Consortium
Address: 250 South Main Street, Suite 300 Blacksburg VA 24061
Members: 65
Statement: Study of construction processes to further the learning of the members of the Building Construction Department.
Homepage: http://www.bc.vt.edu/constructors-consortium

Building Women in Construction
Building Women in Construction is an organization founded by five female students in the Building Construction Department at Virginia Tech. The purpose of this organization is to unite women students studying construction-related disciplines. This organization is not specifically for female members; however, the overall intention is to help provide additional support and resources to help women succeed in this field of study. In the long run, the goal is to become a nationally known organization that offers young women chances to network within their universities, communities, and the industry.
Address: 430C Bishop-Favrao Hall, 1345 Perry Street, Blacksburg, VA 24061
Members: 40+

Graduate Urban Affairs & Planning Association (GUAPA)
Statement: Provides a creative and professionally oriented forum for graduate students in the Master of Urban & Regional Planning and Master of Public & International Affairs programs; facilitates dialogue and collaboration among students, faculty, other departments, and the public and private sectors; and provides resources and support necessary for members to achieve their academic and professional goals while at Virginia Tech.
More information: https://www.facebook.com/groups/122177651141892/

Interior Designers For Education And Sustainability (IDEAS)
Address: 224 A Burruss Hall 800 Drillfield Dr. Blacksburg, VA 24061
Members: 80
Statement: Provide speakers, travel opportunities, and professional experience to reinforce interior design education.
More information: http://interiordesign.arch.vt.edu/about-ideas/

XYZ Student Art Association
Address: Armory Art. Dept. 201 Draper Rd Blacksburg VA 24061
Members: 20
Statement: Student run art gallery to promote the arts and culture.
More information: https://www.facebook.com/xyzartgallery

Public Administrators Of Virginia Tech (PAVT)
Address: The Thomas Conner House
104 Draper Road Blacksburg, VA 24061
Members: 15-40
Statement: The foremost purpose of Public Administrators of Virginia Tech is to promote scholarly and practical awareness of public administration at Virginia Tech. It is also the goal of this organization to create and promote a community environment that draws together students, faculty, and administration across the Virginia Tech campus.

American Society Of Landscape Architects
Address: 206 Architecture Annex 160 Otey St. Blacksburg VA 24061
Members: 72
Statement: Advancement of the art and science of landscape architecture.
More information: https://gobblerconnect.vt.edu/organization/aslavt

Planning, Governance, and Globalization Student Association
Address: 201 Architecture Annex 160 Otey St. Blacksburg, Va 24061
Members: 53
Statement: Student-led information sessions on qualifying, prelims, the job search, funding, etc.; peer mentoring; social.

Industrial Design Society Of America (IDSA)
Address: 201 Cowgill Hall 1355 Perry St. Blacksburg VA 24061
Members: 70
Statement: Meetings, field trips, design related events.
More information: https://www.facebook.com/VTIDSA

Urban Affairs & Planning Student Association (UAPSA)
Statement: UAPSA serves as a forum for discussion on issues related to planning, policy, and administration; sponsors, coordinates, or participates in community service projects; and develops and disseminates information on employment and career opportunities in planning, policy, and administration.

National Organization of Minority Architect Students (NOMAS)
Address: 201 Cowgill Hall 1355 Perry St. Blacksburg, VA 24061
Members: 20
Statement: The National Organization of Minority Architect Students (NOMAS) is an organization with the purpose of increasing the awareness of minority architects in the design profession. The group focuses on equipping minorities with the tools they need to excel as architects and professionals. We provide many key benefits to our members, including; internship and future career contacts, portfolio and resume building sessions, a Lunch & Learning series, and various networking, mentorship, and leadership opportunities. We are proud to work closely with our parent branch NOMA, a group made up of experienced, licensed architects.
We are the face of the future for minorities in the design profession.
More information: http://www.angelfire.com/vt/nomas/

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