Academic FAQs

How do I go about switching my major into the architecture program?

We refer to currently enrolled Virginia Tech undergraduate students wishing to change their major and transfer into architecture, industrial design, interior design or landscape architecture as “internal transfers.”

Due to new University policy changes that are effective August 1st, 2016 the change for primary Major will be changing to provide a more streamlined process for Advisors and Students. You can find this information on the 2016 Change of Major Policy page.

I’m going to study elsewhere this summer. How do get that credit toward my degree?

First, talk to your advisor to see if what you are planning can be used for credit toward your degree. You can also check with the registrar’s website for additional information.

Are there tutoring services available to students in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies?

Virginia Tech offers a variety of tutoring options for all students, including:

  • Math Tutoring:  Contact the Math Department for private tutoring, tutoring lab, and other resources.
  • Chemistry Tutoring:  Visit the Chemistry Learning Center, 301 Hahn Hall North (Chemistry/Physics Building) or Alpha Chi Sigma-Gamma Iota
  • Physics Tutoring:  See Common Office Hours
  • Economics TutoringEcon Tutoring Center located in 3104 Pamplin 3040
  • English Tutoring: Visit The Writing Center
  • CommLab: Helping Hokies with public speaking and classroom presentations
  • The Student Success Center also offers free tutoring in these subjects plus Biology, Engineering, Business, Spanish, Architecture, Agriculture & Life Sciences, Animal & Poultry Sciences and Agriculture & Applied Economics.

The university has also put together an excellent question and answer resource for students. Locate the topic you are interested in learning more about and click on the question to receive the answer.

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