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CAUS named a ‘Diversity Champion’ by METROPOLIS

A recent article by METROPOLIS magazine names Virginia Tech’s College of Architecture and Urban Studies one of the most diverse and inclusive design and architecture schools in the nation.

In “Diversity Champions: 8 Schools That Aren’t Just Paying Lip Service To Diversity,” the magazine notes the following:

Students work in Burchard Hall at the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, named one of the nation’s most diverse and inclusive colleges for design and architecture by METROPOLIS.

Although diversity and inclusion initiatives have been sweeping universities across the U.S. for years (and for good reason), the need to openly and proactively recruit diverse students has only crystallized since the election of President Donald J. Trump. The following eight design and architecture schools (plus two honorable mentions) stand out for taking their diversity efforts above and beyond the rest. From scholarships to inclusive faculty training programs, these schools are game changers, setting a new precedent for more inclusive higher education.

 Virginia Tech, College of Architecture & Urban Studies

Enrollment Stats: White, 69%, Minority / International 31%

Best in Inclusive Pedagogy

In addition to being listed as one of Forbes’ Top 25 Public Colleges, the Princeton Review also ranks VA Tech 7th in the Nation for “Lots of Race/Class Interaction.” A campus-wide effort to make diversity a priority has also led to its recognition as a “Diversity Champion” by Insight Into Diversity. In addition to the diversity of the student groups, the school also hosts a lecture series titled “Intersections: Interdisciplinary Conversations about Social Justice and the Built Environment.” Moreover, Virginia Tech has some amazing initiatives to promote new forms of pedagogy, literally teaching teachers how to enable inclusive classrooms.

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