Kevin Concannon

Director and Professor of Art History

The School of Visual Arts at Virginia Tech is distinct among art schools for its strong integration of technology and the arts and the opportunities for students to engage in student-faculty research that merge these disciplines creatively and collaboratively.

Creative Technologies: New Concentration in the BFA
The School of Visual Arts launched its tremendously successful MFA in Creative Technologies in 2011, under the leadership of Associate Professor Dane Webster. Since that time interest among undergraduates has grown exponentially, leading to SOVA’s official declaration of the Creative Technologies Concentration within our Bachelor of Fine Arts degree this year. Already oversubscribed, interest in the concentration is fueled by the success of the MFA. And already, we are ranked #20 in the nation by Animation Career Review. Our Visual Communication Design program, by the way, is Ranked #18 in the nation by Graphic Design Degree Hub.

This year, BFA/MFA student and current SOVA alumnus Matt Yourshaw was featured in several regional news stories for his special effects work in films and television shows such as “The Revenant” and “Stranger Things,” leading to even greater interest in the program.

We also started planning for official 2018 launch of our Pathways Minor in Visual Arts and Society, a cross-disciplinary minor that broadly serves students across the university. Its inclusive curriculum enriches any major by providing students with a deeper understanding of visual culture in global society and their place in it. One target audience is STEM majors who might not be engaged with the arts and social sciences within their major program. The minor also targets any student wishing to develop skills in visual literacy and composition; critical analysis of sensory experience; prototyping ideas through material and iterative design; and creating solutions to complex, open-ended questions.



Discovery (Scholarship and Creative Activities)

Instructor Betsy Bannan continues her studio practice working with satellite imagery from NASA, Google Earth and other digital mapping sources to make large-scale oil paintings. These site-responsive paintings are based on seeing the earth from above and portray the visual sensations of the interplay between man-made elements and the land surface, and how people carve out a living in the geography in which they exist.

Assistant Professor Sam Blanchard has been afforded unique opportunities this year in terms of research. Solo studio work, grant funded collaborative projects and educational initiatives continue to form his three-pronged approach to research, each fueling inspiration and facilitating opportunity within one another. A fruitful year of studio production has brought forth a new wave of projects dealing largely with the ephemeral presence that new technology provides.

Sam’s Maui Simulator robotically pitches and rolls a kayak simulating waves crashing onto a Maui beach in real-time via software tracking of the 24/7 live YouTube channel, “Hawaii Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary at Maui Sands Resort.” In the Crowd-Sourced Sculpture Series, tourist photos culled from Google image search results for “Michelangelo David,” “Rodin Thinker,” and “Venus de Milo,” flawed and incomplete likenesses of the sculptures are stitched together in photogrammetry software, rendered and 3D-printed. These projects have already found their way to international exhibition, publication and awards. Many of these works will be the core of two upcoming solo exhibitions of Sam’s work in 2017.

Another of Sam’s works, the SeeMore project, has garnered attention from a multitude of organizations. Selected as one of the top arts and technology ventures at Virginia Tech, the project was invited to be displayed at South by Southwest. This was a major undertaking led by the President’s office to get Virginia Tech’s name out in technology and media fields. Tens of thousands of viewers from around the world experienced the project.

In late spring, SeeMore was once again displayed in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. Science and Engineering festival. Being featured prominently in the National Science Foundation pavilion brought another massive audience (est. 100,000+) to the project.

This year, Sam received his 2nd major SEAD Grant from the Institute for Creativity, Arts and Technology as Principle Investigator, a preliminary design study and fabrication of a prototype “body” for the ESCHER emergency response humanoid robot, the goal of which is to protect the robot mechanics but also serve as a more empathetic face to people it comes in contact with. This project was also displayed at the Virginia Tech South by Southwest pavilion. Projects like this feed Sam’s personal interest in the subject matter (robotics, mechanics, interaction) and provide potential for even more projects.

Sam continues his role as Co-Chair of the 3nd Annual Virginia Governor’s School Maker Conference. The 2016 conference hosted over 70 students from all over the state in the Moss Art Center’s 3rd floor mezzanine during ICAT Day. The event has grown since last year’s inaugural event in scope and number of students. The goal of the conference was to eventually create an alternative to participation in the Virginia State Science fair, a mandatory event for most Governor’s School students. The Maker Conference can serve those students who have more creative output and a more tactile/experiential relationship with Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math.

Metaphors of construction and building run throughout Assistant Professor Michael Borowski’s interdisciplinary art practice. Michael uses photography, installation, and performance to address ways in which societal values are expressed in urban environments. Previous projects have explored themes of migration, intimacy, queer space, and the blurring of public and private life. Since starting his position at Virginia Tech in August, Michael has distributed his creative work through a national juried solo exhibition and a national invited group exhibition.

In September, Michael had a solo exhibition of his series Home Reports at the Ploch Gallery of the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts in Brookfield, WI. While installing this exhibition, Michael was invited to be a visiting artist at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee by Assistant Professor of Photography Joseph Mougel and the Focus Photography Club. Michael was also invited to contribute work from a new series to the group exhibition Land: Mine at the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls, WI.

Associate Professor Marilyn Casto is on the committees for four graduate students in Material Culture and Public Humanities. She chaired the SOVA Peer Review Committee through the Spring 2016 semester. Marilyn also served as a reviewer of abstracts for the SECAC conference and completed a review of an article for an international journal.

Associate Professor Ann-Marie Knoblauch has contributed a tremendous amount of service work for the University. She is involved with Pathways and is co-chair of the UCCGE and the Ad-Hoc Pathways Review Committee. She meets independently with different departments, college curriculum committees and individual faculty to discuss how to prepare for Pathways transition, and attended (and presented at) several different Office of Gen Ed workshops on the subject. Ann-Marie is the point person for SOVA curriculum, including Pathways transition (and inclusion for the first time) of Art History and non-Art History courses, and assisting in developing new courses for the Pathways Minor. She also prepared new check sheets for 2019, the course proposal for the 1st Year Experience course, and the renewal of the restricted degree program.

Having a background in Graphic Design, Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction, Assistant Professor Patrick Finley researches topics that relate to Interaction Design. Much of his research focuses on User Interface Design (UI), User Experience Design (UX) and creating engaging experiences for both mobile and desktop devices. He is motivated by the desire to make sure his students’ design work is held to a high standard in order to assure they will graduate with a skillset required for a successful career; this desire drives him to refine and push SOVA’s VCD curriculum.

Instructor Jennifer Hand’s research this year centered around the development of a collaborative, traveling exhibition with Amelia Salisbury and Simone Paterson titled, “Sew and So.” The exhibition highlights the juxtaposition between traditional craft and technology based art using the act of sewing as a unifying factor.

Assistant Professor of Practice Jeff Joiner served as director of SOVA’s in-house design firm, FourDesign, for a third year. FourDesign provides students with real-world insights into the “business of design” and gives them a unique and beneficial set of tools that many universities do not offer, such as writing proposals, budgets, and learning to speak about their work in terms that clients can understand. This past October, Jeff was invited to speak about FourDesign at the 2016 AIGA Design Educators’ Conference in Bozeman, Montana, and was intrigued by the number of questions from audience members about how they might start a student-run design firm of their own. Jeff is now planning a collaborative book on this topic with Meaghan Dee and faculty from other universities beginning in summer 2017.

Associate Professor Michelle Moseley-Christian has been very prolific in her writing and publication activities this year. Her long-term book project on the “wild woman” in early modern visual culture is nearly complete. She completed one publication project (edited volume) now under contract with Palgrave Press. She is also editing and preparing a manuscript for submission to an academic press and has one article currently under peer review with Renaissance Quarterly. This past year Michelle developed two new courses, one diversity-focused (ART 3094), and received three internal grants to fund course development and outreach through online course offerings. She teaches a number of art history courses in addition to researching, writing, and circular development.

Over the past year, Associate Professor Simone Paterson’s service work to the University has greatly increased while she has remained very active in the art world. Simone’s investment in the development of the SGA Creative Technologies and Experience has been significant. She has invested a great deal of time as chair of the curriculum development committee for CTE. Collaborating with Jennifer Hand and Amelia Salisbury in the exhibition “Sew and So” has been a highlight of the past year for Simone. She and her colleagues use technology as part of their visual language. The exhibition highlighted the juxtaposition between craft and technology and brought together seemingly disparate elements into a unified exhibition, first at the Armory Gallery in March and then at Art Space, Richmond, in July 2016. As the Chair of undergraduate studies in Creative Technologies at SOVA, Simone has expended much effort in communicating with students and promoting this new program of study. Simone encourages collaboration between students to equip them to be able to work as a successful team member; a requirement for many technology-based career options. She endorses the practice of the visual arts within Creative Technologies as an academic pursuit and insist that her students approach their work with rigor, systematic inquiry and dedication.

For her first semester at Virginia Tech, Assistant Professor Rachel Weaver’s research has consisted of completing ongoing projects that she had started before her arrival at SOVA, as well as beginning a number of new works. Central themes of these recently-finished and ongoing projects span indigenous rights and histories, decolonizing media practices through community collaboration, the relationship of communities to the landscapes that surround them, rural animal histories / animal industries, and experimental personal and documentary narrative. She has continued her professional curatorial practice, contributing to the New Orleans Film Festival in October of 2016 as a juror for the experimental shorts program, as well as co-director and curator of Cinema Reset, the emerging media / installation / virtual reality cinema segment of the film festival. She received a large grant to facilitate this year’s Cinema Reset Exhibition.

Rachel teaches several undergraduate CT courses at SOVA and works very hard on curriculum development for the foundations program. This year she began overhauling the curriculum of Principles to New Media and Intro to New Media courses, and has put substantial time into re-writing these classes as well as responding to Pathways requirements.

In addition to working in our undergraduate CT program, Rachel contributes a great deal to other areas of our department. She serves as a mentor and thesis committee member for graduate students in our MFA in Creative Technologies program. This year she contributed substantially on MFA admissions, reviewing applicants and contributing to final decisions. Rachel also joined the dissertation committee for a PhD candidate in the ASPECT program at Virginia Tech. Her contributions to our department’s faculty searches this year were substantial, with Rachel investing a large amount of time and effort into posting advertisements for our positions on various online outlets and doing research to direct the committee to advertise strategically. Rachel served on the CAUS Diversity Committee and helped to orchestrate a panel discussion on place and responses to local issues of diversity.



Work and exhibitions by SOVA faculty over the past year


Work by SOVA faculty and students was featured at last year’s South by Southwest Trade Show in Austin, Texas (March 13-16) as part of Virginia Tech’s Art + Technology booth. Art and Technology has been a key driver of the arts at Virginia Tech for several years, and is the “brand” for the School of Visual Arts for a while now. As the University moves forward with its Destination Areas and Strategic Growth Areas, the fusion of arts and technology that arguably began with SOVA’s Creative Technologies MFA (introduced in 2011) shows the arts on the leading edge.

SECAC 2016

Art, science, and technology converged for pioneering new media artist and filmmaker Lynn Hershman Leeson, keynote speaker at this year’s SECAC Annual Conference, hosted by the School of Visual Arts. The second largest organization of arts faculty in the nation, SECAC now attracts arts professors and other professionals from across the nation and around the world.

More than 550 delegates from across the country and abroad gathered at the Hotel Roanoke for three days of panels, exhibitions keynotes, and more. Among the conference excursions was the Evening at Virginia Tech featuring Hershman’s keynote talk, a Moss Arts Center exhibition of her groundbreaking work in art, technology, and gender, as well as another exhibition at the Armory featuring a bio-engineered human nose.

Hershman Leeson has explored and experimented with themes at the intersection of science, technology, and the human experience in her work. She was one of the first artists to use Videodisc – a precursor to DVD – in an interactive installation (“Lorna,” 1983-84), and the first to incorporate a touch screen interface into an artwork (“Deep Contact,” 1984-1989).

Core to her work in this conversation have been feminist issues, which more recently have expanded across gender lines to focus on what it means to be human in an increasingly cyberworld and era of genetic and bioengineering.”

The last time the SECAC Conference was hosted by Virginia Tech was in 1977, and this year’s conference provided an opportunity to showcase our Art + Technology program as well as the new Moss Arts Center.

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(2016). Presented at the Forum 8 Design Festival 2016 on November 20 on the Smithfield Class project showcasing the implementing of point cloud data, scanning, photogrammetry, 360 video and using quad copter for photogrammetry with the utilizing UC win/Road software and Virtual Reality project using the Oculus Rift and VIVE.

(2016). Presented at the World 16, 7th Annual International VR Symposium Workshop hosted by Forum 8 in Osaka, Japan. Dongsoo Choi and I presented our research with Photogrammetry and Laser scanning.

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Significant Invited Lectures and Talks

Borowski, Micahel (2016). Panelist, Intersections: Interdisciplinary Conversations about Social Justice & the Environment, Art & Architecture Library, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Guest Lecture, Public Art & Racial Justice, HIST 205: Introduction to Public History, Roanoke College, Salem, VA.

Guest lecture, Introduction to Performance Art, ARCH 3015: Architecture III, School of Architecture and Design, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

Guest Lecture, Artist Talk & Critique, ART 452: Contemporary Issues in Photography, Peck School of the Arts, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI.

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Exhibitions and Reviews

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Blanchard, Sam. (2016, October 6). International Digital Media and Arts Conference Exhibition (No. Of Pieces: 3) [Exhibition]. Winona State University Gallery., A group exhibition themed “Interface: the digital & the human” and curated through a juried application process. Blanchard’s submission for exhibit: “Crowd Sources Sculpture Series”.

(2016, September 23). Artists and Location (No. Of Pieces: 1) [Exhibition]. CICA Museum, Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

(2016, April 17). USA Science and Engineering Festival [Art -3. Exhibition, Invitational]. Washington Convention Center., Exhibit of project (an NSF sponsored project) in the National Science Foundation booth at the Festival.

Cameron, (2016, March 11). SeeMore at SXSW (No. Of Pieces: 1) [Exhibition]. South by Southwest., An exhibit of engaging and compelling projects that demonstrate research and teaching impact and have the potential to attract visitors to Virginia Tech.

Dee, Meaghan, (2016, March 11). ESCHER Protective Panels at SXSW (No. Of Pieces: 1) [Exhibition]. South by Southwest., An exhibit of engaging and compelling projects that demonstrate research and teaching impact and have the potential to attract visitors to Virginia Tech.

Borowski, Michael (September 11, 2016 – November 5, 2016). Art – Exhibition, One-Person, Home Reports (No. Of Pieces: 30) [(National Juried Solo Exhibition)]. Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts, Brookfield, WI. 1 of 3 artists selected out of 20 proposals.

(September 9, 2016 – October 14, 2016). Exhibition, Group, Land/Mine (No. of Pieces: 1) [(National Invitational Group Exhibition)]. Heyde Center for the Arts, Chippewa Falls, WI. 1 of 32 artists invited nationally.

(11/07/2016-11/18/2016). Rinse, Repeat, Co-curated this exhibition with Rebekah Modrak for the Armory Gallery. Including work by Joseph Bedford, Michael Borowski, Rachel Cox, Rebekah Modrak, Sebura & Gartelmann, & Tamara Wilson.

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(2016). Matrix Gallery [Art – Other]. Matrix Gallery., Continued exhibition of craft items in local gallery.

Chancy, D., Hahn, E. and Simmons, J. (2016). Smart Mouth Music Performances [Music Performance – Free-lance]., Numerous public performances with a special interest in supporting recovery and rehabilitation centers. Also supports local environmental causes e.g. Stadium Woods and No Fracking gas pipelines.

S., ESTOMIN, L., & Reeves, K. (2016, November 11). Juror/ Curator for SPE International Women’s Film Festival (No. Of Pieces: 156 submissions 26 entries accepted) [Short Films]. Orlando – Hilton Orlando., The Society for Photographic Education (SPE) Women’s Film Festival has featured innovative and provocative short documentaries, animation and fiction by women directors since 1995.

(2016, October 12). Travel Shorts: A Moving Image Festival (No. Of Pieces: 45 entries submitted 16 entries displayed) [Digital Film Shorts]. Mezzanine Gallery/SOVA. SECAC Conference., Curator of a short film fest that was displayed on a bus ride from Roanoke to Blacksburg. Also displayed at the Mezzanine Gallery in SOVA. The processed involved included the festival curation, poster and program design as well as creating a looping CD for 6 buses to dial the film festival.

Rosenthal, Joy (2016, September 30). In Search of Lost Images [Art– Exhibition, One-Person]. CAIO, Community Arts Info Office., In memory of a darkroom.

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Zabowski, C. (2016, April 19). We Dreamed of Tomorrow Yesterday: Celeste Zabowski (No. Of Pieces: 1) [Digital animation]. Mezzanine Gallery/SOVA.

Bengston, T. (2016, April 12). Define Muscle: Tyler Bengston (No. Of Pieces: 1) [digital animation]. Mezzanine GAllery.

Flanagan, A. (2016, April 12). Litost: Alison Flanagan (No. Of Pieces: 12) [Drawings and mixed media]. Armory Gallery.

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Liu, X. (2016, April 5). Seekback Hutong: Xini Liu (No. Of Pieces: 1) [Digital Animation]. Mezzanine Gallery/SOVA.

Mainardi, P. (2016, April 5). Reckoning of the Hammer: Petey Mainardi (No. Of Pieces: 1) [digital game prototype]. Mezzanine Gallery/SOVA.

Myers, K. (2016, April 5). Keira Myers: Body (No. Of Pieces: 8) [Embroidered Linen]. Armory Gallery.

Skinner, L. (2016, April 5). Please Don’t Eat the Art: Laura Skinner (No. Of Pieces: 15) [Ceramics]. Armory Gallery.

Yi, G. (2016, April 5). Paramnesia: Grace Yi (No. Of Pieces: 8) [Oil on Canvas]. Armory Gallery.

Zhaung, Y. (2016, April 5). Impression Anshun: Yaun Zhaung (No. Of Pieces: 35) [Glazed Porcelein]. Armory Gallery.

Hartman, B. (2016, April 5). Reflection: Bethany Hartman (No. Of Pieces: 8) [Paintings: Oil on Canvas]. Armory Gallery.

Lauren Fabin. (2016, March 29). ME/YOU: Lauren Fabin (No. Of Pieces: 15) [Mixed Media]. Armory Gallery.

Liberatore, R. (2016, March 29). just a test: Rebekah Liberatore (No. Of Pieces: 12) [Ceramics]. Armory Gallery.

Werle, C. (2016, March 29). Genus: Caitlin Werle (No. Of Pieces: 8) [Drawings and digital prints]. Armory Gallery.

Bryan, K. (2016, March 29). Skins: Kennedy Bryan (No. Of Pieces: 6) [Laser engraved hides]. Armory Gallery.

Daeva. (2016, March 29). Realm: Daeva (No. Of Pieces: 1) [Performance Art]. Mezzanine Gallery/SOVA.

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Funded Research

Michael Borowski

  • 2016 Faculty Mentoring Grant from the Office of the Provost: $1,500.

Patrick Finley

  • 2017 Virginia Tech Faculty Mentoring Grant. $1,500.

Thomas Tucker

  • 2016 ICAT SEAD Major Grant for “Stepping into the past through Visualization: Exploring America’s Forgotten War” ($25,000 awarded) PI: Thomas Tucker, Co PI: David Hicks, Todd Ogle, David Cline.
  • 2015-16 Awarded, presented and participated at the Advanced Challenges in Theory and Practice in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Sites at Amherst College, Maryland and UCLA, Las Angeles, CA. ($2,300 awarded stipend).

Rachel Weaver

  • Downtown Development District Grant, Downtown Development District, USD 10,000, Principal Investigators: Rachel Lin Weaver, Lindsey Phillips, Skye MacDonald, 09/01/2016-10/20/2016.

Dane Webster

  • The Orb: Interactive Audio – Visual Installation for the AVTRC, Virginia Tech Foundation Inc., USD 20,000, Principal Investigators: Bukvic Ivica (40%), Webster Dane (40%), Ishida Aki (20%), 05/01/2014-08/31/2016.
  • CISE Computing Research Infrastructure (CRI), National Science Foundation, National Science Foundation, USD 585,510, Principal Investigators: Knapp Richard B (16%), Bowman Douglas A (12%), Bukvic Ivica (12%), Cao Yong (12%), Ivory James D (12%), Polys Nicholas F (12%), Tucker Thomas J (12%), Others (12%), 09/01/2013-08/31/2016.



Awards and Honors

Sam Blanchard

  • 2016 Greatest Raspberry Pi Projects, SeeMore Project Voted #2 Best Project which utilizes a Raspberry Pi Computer by MagPi community members.
  • 2016 Editor’s Choice, SeeMore Project recognized by MagPi Magazine’s sub-editor Phil King as his pick for Greatest Project which incorporates a Raspberry Pi Computer.
  • 2016 National Distinction, Nominated for National Distinction Award by School of Visual Arts Director, Kevin Concannon, and College of Architecture and Urban Studies Dean, Jack Davis. Approved by the Board of Visitors on August 29th, 2016.
  • 2016 Academic Award, For presentation of the stepping   through history visualization at Forum 8 Design Festival in Tokyo, Japan.

Ann-Marie Knoblauch

  • 2016 College Certificate for Teaching Excellence Award, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.