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VIDEO: Finding a new home in the dome

Dome offers alternative learning space during COVID-19

Thanks to a newly assembled, 60-foot geodesic dome on the Virginia Tech campus, students in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies are finding their projects now have room to grow.

In late October, CAUS assembled a 2,900 square foot geodesic dome in between Cowgill and Bishop-Favrao Halls for use by students and faculty for exhibitions, pin-ups, and small gatherings. As part of the college’s COVID-19 response plan, this dome will take the place of several important spaces in Cowgill Hall that are now occupied by socially distanced studio desks.

The dome can host up to 25 people with proper social distancing and has already become a welcome space for students, some of whom are seeing their work in a new light thanks to the dome’s interesting angles and optics. The structure will be available for use by programs across the college into the spring 2021 semester.

Read more about the dome as well as other creative approaches to space in this issue’s feature story.

– Video by Ryan Young and Ray Meese