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Student Profile: Avalon Roche

ProfileAvalon Roche is a sophomore majoring in Public and Urban Affairs. She grew up in an Air Force family, and has lived in Germany since she was nine but also considers Virginia home. She speaks three languages – English, Spanish, and German. Both of her parents are Hokies!

What led you to your major?

Initially I was in Architecture, a career I’d wanted since I was twelve. Part way through my first year, I realized Architecture wasn’t the best fit for me. My other passion is government and politics, so Public and Urban Affairs is a nice blend of what interests me in both areas.

What’s your favorite part about your major?

It’s inclusion of multiple areas of studies. As a Public and Urban Affairs major, you look at government, economics, sociology, law, a little philosophy, design – everything that relates to people and societies is included.

What are you do when you’re not doing work for your major?

I am minoring in Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies. I’ve always loved learning languages and love the challenge of learning a language with a completely different alphabet. The ability to communicate with others, both linguistically and culturally, is something I place a lot of value in. Learning languages opens so many doors.

What else are you involved in at Tech?

I am involved in the Sexual Assault and Violence by Students (SAVES) group, Alpha Rho Chi, which is the architecture and design professional fraternity, and I am a CAUS ambassador.

What are your plans for after graduation?

At the moment, I’m planning on going to graduate school, either for law or something related to urban planning. I hope to one day work for either the government or a non-profit, developing cities that benefit and impact their residents.