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Student Profile: Simon Babin

Simon Babin of Mount Airy, Maryland is a third year architecture student. He is currently considering what study abroad program he wants to do next year and hopes that program will help him decide on his plans for after graduation.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is teal. I think it’s mainly because of the refreshing sensation I get when I see the color. Seeing it reminds me of the moment you jump into tropical water on a hot day.

What led you to choose Architecture?

Since middle school, I was drawn to the profession for some reason. When asked now, I say it’s the idea that my design decisions influence a person’s way of life, but I really don’t know what it was in seventh grade.

What about Virginia Tech?

When visiting, I really enjoyed the college’s curriculum that allows you to explore other tropics related to design and not just a linear path to traditional architecture.

What is the most recent project you’ve worked on?

Currently, we are tasked with designing a room in a garden. The abstract nature of the prompt really allows us to explore our interests in design in relation to the given site. The smaller scale also gives us the opportunity to more thoroughly consider the construction process. My project focuses on the idea of creating thresholds at a given interval, in the hopes of creating the impression of procession in relation to my room.

What have you enjoyed most about this project?

I really enjoyed developing the pathway through the garden in such a way that each portion can be considered an architectural moment while still making the occupant aware of the greater boundary of the path.

What is your favorite part about your major?

Definitely the studio culture. The sense of community is amazing and I love the supportive mentality. The discussion on design present between both professors and students can last for hours and still remain interesting! To be a part of a discussion in which personal interpretations can vary so greatly and yet there is no singular answer is really stimulating.

What is your favorite thing you’re involved with outside of your major?

It’s hard to choose, but probably XYZ Art Gallery. We might not have as prolific shows as galleries in major cities, but it is amazing to see how a student-run gallery can still affect the Blacksburg community. As one of the presidents this year, I am always impressed by how much the events are worth it from start to finish and how willing members are to volunteer their time.