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Students present wearable technology at NASA

Three interdisciplinary teams of students from the Course Textile Space (Paola Zellner) and independent studies (Prof Tom Martin) worked on design projects prompted by NASA. The students presented their projects and prototypes at the Wearable Technology Symposium at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

There were a total of 19 university teams present representing Pratt, the University of Minnesota, Georgia Tech, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, and the University of Alaska. The student groups presented to the audience composed of all participating schools, NASA mentors, and NASA administrators and employees (including an astronaut), and participate in the afternoon in Poster/Demo sessions, for one-on-one conversations about their work. During the symposium the groups also had the opportunity to visit the Rocket Park and go on a guided tour of Johnson Space Center.

Following NASA’s goals to benefit society, the students are encouraged to find consumer applications of their explorations in addition to potential answers to NASA’s prompts. The projects explored were:

  • Modular Deformation Sensor Networks
  • Multimodal Caution and Warning System
  • Inflatable Habitat Secondary Structure

The Virginia Tech students who participated were:

  • Monica Welcker, Industrial Design, Dublin, Ohio
  • Namitha Somasundara, Computer Engineering, Masters, Hometown: Chennai, India
  • Megan Kelly, Architecture, Withams, VA
  • Kevin Malhotra, Computer Engineering Graduating Fall 2016, Wayne, NJ
  • Brian Elliott, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Year: Senior, Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
  • Malik White, Architecture, Ashland, VA
  • Jarett Volkoff, Industrial Design, Morgan Hill, Ca.
  • (Adam) Yang Song, Mechanical Engineering (participated in the project but could not travel due to exams schedules)